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Our Pastor

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Pastor George Pirt grew up in Bushnell, Florida. As a child, he was brought to church through the bus ministry of St. Catherine Baptist Church of Bushnell. He was exposed to the Gospel and received Christ at a youth rally when he was thirteen years old. It was also at St. Catherine that he met his wife Michele.


After graduating from high school, Pastor Pirt joined the U.S. Marine Corps, and honorably served from 1996 to 2000. He and Mrs. Pirt were married in September of 1997.


In 2000, Pastor Pirt returned to St. Catherine Baptist Church and served in various roles, helping the church to grow. In 2006, St. Catherine Baptist Church called this former bus kid to be the pastor. From 2006 to 2010, the church experienced great growth.

In March 2010, Pastor Pirt accepted the call to become the pastor of West Gate Baptist Church. Under his leadership, West Gate Baptist Church has seen tremendous growth in the Sunday schools as well as the bus ministry. Pastor Pirt has a strong desire to reach the Tampa Bay area, our country, and the world, for Jesus Christ. West Gate is blessed to have a pastor who continues West Gate’s tradition of Bible preaching, local church planting, and a love for souls.


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