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Free Indeed

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FREE INDEED is a twelve-week, Bible-based program designed to help people successfully end substance abuse and to deal with issues related to addiction such as damage to relationships and abuse.


  1. True freedom from addiction.

  2. Peace of mind and heart.

  3. New coping skills for handling relationships and life’s problems and stresses.

  4. Freedom to enjoy life to the fullest.

FREE INDEED was created by certified instructor, Chaplain Paul Haulk, author of When Pigs Fly.


I want you to know that I partied a lot. Heroin and cocaine were my habit. I struggled for years with my addictions, and they cost me everything I had. I was in a rock band that was very successful; consequently, drugs were abundant and many times available at no cost. My life revolved around getting high and attend the next party.

I ended up in prison with a sentence of sixty-two years. I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior at the age of thirty-eight while serving my time in a federal facility. My marriage had been decimated, and the lives of my children affected by my selfish lifestyle.

I had to work through all the issues that you will be dealing with in the Free Indeed program. This work is the result of my own personal struggles and victories. I understand where you are. However, I have been clean and sober since coming to Christ in 1988. Jesus saved me, and one result of being saved was that drugs no longer had a hold on me. He continues to keep me clean by His power, and He will do it for you, too.


Chaplain Paul Haulk

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